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Andy Maloney on the Gold Cup event at Weymouth

Hi everyone!

The latest round of the ISAF Sailing World Cup wrapped up last weekend in the UK. It was strange being back in Weymouth a few years on from the 2012 Olympic cycle, when our squad spent so much time training and racing there. The conditions felt very familiar and there was a fair bit of de-ja-vu going on!

Follow the link below to read my quick blog update on how the event unfolded for me, and what is coming up next.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support!
Looking forward to updating you all after the World Championships.


Applications open for 2015 Laser Radial Womens World Champs

ILCA is currently accepting applications for the 2015 Laser Radial Women – World Championship regatta, which will serve as a qualifier for the 2016 Olympic Games. 

Because this event is serving as part of the Olympic qualification process, we want to assure each country that they will be guaranteed at least one entry in this regatta if a sailor from their country completes a paid application prior to the application closing date of 7 July 2015 and is able to complete the entry process in a timely manner.

As stated in the Notice of Race, "Sailors who do not apply by the application closing date may have very little chance to attend the regatta." Click here to read the Notice of Race.

An application is not completed until the form has been filled out and submitted, the contact email address has been confirmed and the US$50 application fee has been paid.

In order to start the application process, click here for the application form.

If you or your sailors are having any difficulty completing this process, please contact us so that we can address the problem as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
The ILCA Team

2016 NZ National Laser Champs - Muritai YC

The main points;

When checking your boat refer to 

Entry and Payment

  • Please enter by the 16th January (and make Karen's life alot easier)
  • Check the instructions below
  • then fill in the Online Entry Form

NZ sailors must be a member of the NZ Laser Association to sail in the National Champs.
Overseas sailors must belong to an equivalent overseas Laser Association.

Entry is $175 for each sailor.
If you are not yet a member of the NZ Laser Assoication, you can combine your $175 entry and $60 membership for a total of $235. 

For NZ sailors, payment should be made directly to the NZ Laser account at ASB bank is:  12-3086-0109480-00
Include your name and sail number as references.

For international sailors making an international money transer, ASB’s SWIFT Code/BIC is: ASBBNZ2A
Otherwise international sailors can pay cash at the event, or contact the secretary for alternative options.

For registration + membership applications after about the 5th January we will not have mailed out membership info and handbooks. We will hold them for you to pickup at registration.

If you have any enquiries please contact us at:


Wednesday 20th Jan Coaching
Measuring 2pm - 6pm
Registration 2pm - 6pm
Thursday 21st Jan Coaching
Measuring  10am - 6pm
Registration 10am - 12pm & 2pm to 6pm
Friday 22nd Jan Registration 8:30am - 10am
2 races all fleets
Saturday 23rd Jan Racing
3 races open fleets
2 races masters fleet
Sunday 24th Jan Racing
3 races open fleets
2 races masters fleet
Monday 25th Jan Racing
2 races all fleets
Prize giving

Getting your boat Measured at the NZ Laser Nationals

Measuring is officially on Thursday 21st Jan 11am to 5pm.
We may have early measuring on Wednesday 20th afternoon - so keep your eye out and get measured as early as you can to avoid the rush.
Late measuring is available Friday 22nd from 8am to 10am before racing. But try to avoid this time as it will be a rush for you and me, as I want to go racing too.

Check the online ILCA 2015 Laser Handbook for answers on what is legal on your boat.
Worth a look - just for the cover photo of Sam Meech.

Read more for all the details ...

  • Get measured before completing registration
  • To start you will be given a measuring form to fill in
  • Leave your boat completely unrigged for measuring.
  • Get your foils, tiller and control lines out of the bag.
  • Bring your sail with number correctly attached. We will unroll it to check everything.
  • If anything needs fixing we note it on your form. You can jump the queue to have it rechecked for sign off
  • The registration people will need to see your signed off measuring form

It's usually not that bad. If you are sailing a normal unmodified Laser of any age we will get you through measuring.

We may check anything. But here are the most common things that need to be fixed to pass measuring.

No non-Laser Parts
We are very protective of the 'one design' aspect of the class. You will not be allowed to use any non-Laser parts such as sails, centre-board, rudder, vang assemblies etc, even if you have been using them for club racing.

Sail Numbers
We are fussy about sail numbers because they help the race officials and safety boats identify you quickly.

  • You must have a regulation sail number, regulation size, fixed in the regulation position and spacing on the sail.
  • Instructions come with the new sails, or see these sail number instructions.
  • Place the numbers accurately - position and spacing. If they are not right we ask you to do it again, which is expensive and time consuming.
  • Typically your sail number matches your hull number. It's ok if they don't, but this must be noted on your measuring form.
  • Most boats will have a 6 digit number, partial numbers are not permitted. Only very old boats would be allowed to use their original 4 or 5 digit number.
  • Your number must not be used by anyone else in the regatta, even if they are in a different division. If you bought a second hand sail with numbers attached, make sure the person you bought it from is not using the same number on a new sail. If there are duplicates the sailor with a matching hull number has the right to use that number.
  • You do not need country letters at the Nationals. But if you have them they should be the regulation size and position on the sail.

Bent and altered masts
The mast sections must be standard laser parts. The mast fittings must all be in the standard position.
Officially your mast sections must be straight. But we all know most top sections and radial bottom sections are a bit bent after normal use. So we permit a 'normal' amount of bend but will reject an excessive bend. The decision on normal or excessive is up to the measurer.

Rudder angle
We measure the angle between the rudder and the rudder stock as it really affects the boats performance.
Many have the wrong angle, even new rudders. But it's easy to fix with a file or some electrical tape for packing.

Battens must be a standard laser part. They must not exceed the standard length. Even new ones do sometimes and we will get you to file them down to length. It's easy.

Mast retaining line
We insist on a mast retaining line. It's a safety thing. The best option is through the goose neck to the control line deck fitting.

Sail Numbers on your hull and trolley
Please have your sail number on both sides of your hull, near the stern. Numbers 40mm high or more.
Numbers in felt tip permanent marker are ok.
If you are temporarily using a number for this regatta and have old numbers on the hull, tape over them and write the new number on the tape.
Also put your sail number on your trolley to assist the volunteers who are helping you when you come in.

Buying parts at the regatta
The NZ Laser agent Dan Slater and his crew - The Water Shed will be at the Nationals.
They are a helpful bunch. They will have some parts and numbers for sale. But they can't guarantee to have enough of everything, so try to get everything sorted out before you arrive. Or ring them to pre-order. - Ph 09 489 6475 - 51 Barrys Pt Road Takapuna.

Advertising on your boat
See John Bullots advice on the advertising permitted on your Laser.

Questions about rules & measuring

First see if the online ILCA 2015 Laser Handbook answers your question.

Otherwise email me at:

Takapuna Boating Club 2015 Winter Series

Takapuna Boating Club is running a  fortnightly  Winter Series.

Saturday afternoons - 2-3 short races starting at 1.30pm.

  • June 6 +20
  • July 4 + 18
  • Aug 8 + 22
  • Sep 5 followed by BBQ and prizegiving
TBC Members free, visitors $10.
Information NOR and Sailing Instructions will be on the website mid May
We are expecting Lasers, RS:X, 3.7 and Idle Alongs
Adverse weather the cancellations will be posted on our website by 10am on the day.

Entry open for 2015 Laser Radial Women World Champs

Dear District Members,
Applications for entry are now open for the 2015 Laser Radial Women – World Championship.
The deadline to submit a paid entry applications for initial allocation of places is 7 July 2015 at 23:59 Central US Time. 
You are encouraged to complete an entry application as soon as possible. Please be aware that if you do not apply by 7 July 2015, you may have little chance of receiving an entry offer. 
The link below will take you to the event information sites with access to applications and additional information about each championship, including the Notice of Race and the country entry allocations.
2015 Laser Radial Women – World Championship 
Dates: Tuesday, 17 November -  Thursday, 26 November 2015
Venue: Al Mussanah Sports City, OMAN
We look forward to seeing you in Oman!
Best regards,
The ILCA Team

2015 South Pacific Laser Masters

So there we were, bobbing around on a sun drenched Moreton Bay, waiting for some breeze on the first day of the South Pacific Laser Masters in Manly, Brisbane.
No suprise if you've sailed this regatta before. But that's normally in July. This year it was May to fit in with the July Masters Worlds in Canada. 'Plenty of breeze in May' we were assured. So we drifted around on the tide searching for the people who had told us that.
But by 3pm the wind did arrive. And it hung in for 4 days of superb sailing.
  • Excellent photo's from Julie Hartwig Photography
  • Matt Blakey in the Standard fleet and Scott Leith in the Radial won in 2014, so they had a bit to live up to. The rest of Team NZL didn't want that sort of pressure on a winter break. Apart from Matt we were all in Radials.
    On the first, third and fourth days there was a range in pressure even across a single race. When it was up it was generally puffy. You could be working hard up wind, planing down wind or just as easily searching for power or trying hard to work the waves.
    On day 2 it was pretty strong across the board. Upper teens with gusts to 25 producing short pitch waves in the shallow waters. It was a workout upwind and a challenge downwind. The gusts knocked us down in batches during the second race. The tell tail sign was mud on the top of the mast - shades of Lake Pupuke. I turned turtle and blew a reasonable spot as did Bob while being a gentleman and doing his 720. Hamish went over but recovered quickly. So did Scott - still managing a second (it's hard to work up much sympathy).

    Hamish Atkinson - care of Julie Hartwig Photography

    For mere mortals the competition seemed tough. You could feel you sailed ok, but end up further back than you'd hoped. The marked shifts were hard to predict at times. Picking the gate at the start of the second beat often played a big part.

    But the 3 or 4 guys with consistently good results in each fleet  were simply the fastest through the water.

    Matt Blakey had a real battle. He needed his win in the final race 8 to just retain his Standard title after a count-back to break the tie with room mate Nick Skulander. Quite different from last years clean sweep, and hopefully enough to keep him coming back, as it definitely wasn't boring.

    Scott won the radials again although he didn't have it all his own way in every race. Aussies Mark Kennedy, Danny Fuller and Zac Skulander were fast and ready to grab a race when they got the shifts right.

    Hamish Atkinson came out of a Christchurch winter and no training to get 5th. He is very consistent and just chips away making few mistakes. A lesson in how to put together a good regatta.
    The rest of team NZ - Bob Blakey, Roger Winton, Greg Wilshire and me all felt that life is not really that fair. Or maybe we didn't want to peak before the Kngston worlds in July.
    The Queensland Laser Association and the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron put on a great masters event. It's relaxed and well run both on and off the water. We'll be back.

    Mike Knowsley

    2015 North Shore Freshwater Champs Report

    2015 North Shore  Freshwater Champs

    A 30 knot forecast plus a number of sailors over in Brisbane for the South Pacific Masters resulted in a slightly smaller than usual entry for the NSFWC at Pupuke on 16/17 May. However quality was there with 2 of our Open Worlds squad, defending NSFWC champion Andrew McKenzie and world top 10 ranked Mike Bullot fronting to give the locals something to aspire to in the Standards and World GM champion Mike Keeton and World cube winner Richard Blakey the form sailors in the Radial for the youth sailors to knock over. 

    In spite of the forecast Saturday dawned with a nice Pupuke SW breeze, never really getting much over 12 knots but with shifts and pressure variations providing ample challenges for all. Sunday was again a SW breeze but lighter, around 5 to 8 knots all day. These conditions provided plenty of opportunity for all and no place was ever secure with some major shifts and gusts reshuffling both fleets in several races. 

    As usual though the cream rose to the top. In the Standard fleet Mike showed his class with 5 wins from the 6 races, the sequence broken by Andrew who was deservedly victorious in race 3 and was right on Mikes heels in the other races, with the exception of the last where a major wind shift combined with a mainsheet that decided to come unkotted at a critical moment seeing him join the mortals in the bunch. There was a tight contest in the Masters, with GM Peter Kempkers victorious by 1 point from GM Nick Page after a very close series. Leading Master was Dean Drummond, who was still hoping for the forecast 30 knots even at the prize giving, in 5th, first Apprentice Rob Bland in 8th and GGM Ray Beale capping a consistent series with a 4th in the last race for 10th overall.

    In the Radials Youth beat experience with Tim Adair putting together a great series to take out the overall win from newcomer and current Starling champion youth Josh Armit, who’s speed and consistency showed he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Third overall and first Master was Mike Keeton, who despite an ever increasing list of old age ailments seems to just keep pulling out the results on the water. He was followed by GM Kevin Welsh who managed a win in race 2 and was consistent all weekend. First women was Youth Libby Porter in 6th, who also showed flashes of brilliance in the challenging conditions with her best result a 2nd in race 2. 1st Master was Richard Blakey, who after a very challenging weekend was heard to comment on his love of the lake, while leading Women’s Master Georgina Wooldridge was happy to be on the water while husband Neil looked after the kids for the weekend rather than being able to demonstrate his prowess in the Standard fleet.

    The contest was followed by the usual Pupuke prize giving, with an awesome range of prizes overshadowed only by commodore John Dowsett’s presentation skills (not matched this weekend by sailing skills we note). A great weekend and thanks to Pupuke and PRO Garth Briden for yet another quality regatta.

    Nick Page

    Entries still open for 2015 Laser Masters Worlds in Kingston

    Dear Laser Sailor,
    The Entry Closing date for the 2015 Laser Masters World Championship in Kingston, Ontario, Canada is less than one month away: 4 June 2015.
    If you are considering coming to compete in Canada, there is still time to register and there are some charter boats available.
    If you are concerned about the strong US dollar vs your currency, please note that the Canadian dollar has more or less maintained parity with most other world currencies and so your expenses while in Canada for lodging, etc, should still be relatively affordable.
    For detailed information about the event and to submit an application, please visit the ILCA 2015 Laser Masters World Championships webpage.
    We hope to see you in Kingston!
    Best Regards,
    The ILCA Team

    Andy Maloney reports from Hyeres

    Photo - Sailing Energy

    Another relatively short three week stint overseas and back is now complete. This time with the main event being the first European ISAF Sailing World Cup event of 2015, held in Hyeres, France. It was the debut event in which a new format has been adopted by ISAF, where only the top 40 Laser sailors in the world could compete. This made for extremely tight racing from day one with no 'warm-up' qualifying series like in the past. 

    I've written a quick blog update on the trip and how the regatta unfolded. Click the link below to have a read on my thoughts from the few weeks away, and what's coming up next... Enjoy!

    Thanks for the continued support! It is never forgotten :)

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