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Report - Day 1 - Sheffield 2018 NZ National Laser Champs

Subtropical Christchurch greets the Laser fleet

Results Day 1

A fantastic first day for the Laser Nationals with clear skies, 30-degree temperatures and a lovely 10-knot breeze. Every wind forecast site anyone could find agreed, 10 -15 knot NE sea breezes would be it for the day. The only dissenter was the wind itself which decided to come in from the South so with trepidation the race committee set a course up into Charteris Bay and sure enough the southerly settled in for the afternoon and gave us two interesting races. Pressure variations, tide, a shifty breeze and a small slop provided challenging conditions for all with a few tide-induced early starters and a few swimmers proving that the challenges of the day were real, even if the water felt like we were sailing off a tropical island.
The Standard Open and Standard Masters started together, with several of the Masters competitive upwind, but then the top Open sailors provided a masterclass in downwind sailing to put the Master's pretenders well in their place. In the Open there was very close racing between reigning champion and favourite Andrew McKenzie, George Gautrey from Muritai and Alistair Gifford from Tauranga. The three of them had a real tussle for the top spot in both races with Andrew just managing to get home first both times but only getting through on the last short beat to the finish in race 2. Unfortunately, George was OCS in race 2 to leave him some work to do to get back to the top of the table giving the third spot in race 2 to Rohan Lord, who had suffered an OCS in race 1.
In the Masters Standard fleet, the lead changed several times in both races with very close racing among the top group as well as the Masters mixing it with a few of the Open fleet. In Race 1 Andrew Dellabarca (M) from Worser Bay managed to prevail from GM Chris Sadler (Tamaki) showing exemplary masters downwind technique to secure 2nd spot followed by Cris Brodie from Pupuke. In race 2 it was a similar story with Andrew holding out Cris Brodie while GM Nick Page managed to capture third place.
In the Open Radials superior downwind speed saw reigning champion and 2017 World U17 Laser champion Josh Armit take both races convincingly. Behind Josh last years Youth Worlds rep Annabel Rennie-Younger had a very solid day with a 4/3 to sit 2nd and lead the World Masters Radial champion Scott Leith, who is tied on points with Albert Stanley from Worser Bay for 3rd. Women's favourite Susannah Pyatt was unfortunate to be OCS in the first race but made amends with a 2nd in race 2 while in the Youth Women Samantha Stock has a solid lead over the other Women's youth contenders.
In the Radial Masters, local knowledge must surely have helped with GM Hamish Atkinson having a blinder with two bullets. Pre-contest favourite Ed Tam (M, Worser Bay) is tied on points for second with GM Werner Hennig from Hamilton. Kevin Welsh (GM) from Panmure scored a strong second in race 2 to sit 4th overall.
So with 30-degree temperatures and a sea breeze again forecast for tomorrow it is anybody's guess what we will actually get but we will hopefully see 3 quality races for all fleets.
Nick Page

Entry Application Dates for the ILCA World Champs

Dear District Members,
Information about all ILCA Laser World Championships and access to applications is available through the ILCA events page
Please note the application opening and closing dates for 2018 Laser World Championships:
(1) Applications for entry for the following World Championships will be accepted beginning Tuesday, 9 January:
   2018 ILCA Laser Radial Men's World Championship
   2018 ILCA Laser Under-21 World Championships
   2018 ILCA Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships
For all three of the above events, the deadline for receiving PAID applications for initial allocation of places is 20 February 2018 at 23:59 Central US Time. 
You are encouraged to complete an entry application as soon as possible after it becomes available. Please be aware that if you do not apply by the 20 February 2018 deadline, you may have little chance of receiving an entry offer. 
(2) Applications for entry for two other World Championships will be accepted beginning Thursday, 1 March:
   2018 ILCA Laser Radial Youth World Championships
   2018 ILCA Laser Masters World Championships
For these two events, the deadline for receiving PAID applications for initial allocation of places is 12 April 2018 at 23:59 Central US Time. 
You are encouraged to complete an entry application as soon as possible after it becomes available. Please be aware that if you do not apply by the 12 April 2018 deadline, you may have little chance of receiving an entry offer. 
Please Note: The 2018 World Championships for Standard Men and Radial Women are Organized by World Sailing as part of the Sailing World Championships in Aarhus. If you intend to compete in that event, you should coordinate with your Sailing MNA to obtain entry.
Best regards,
The ILCA Team

Entries - Sheffield 2018 NZ National Champs

Entries so far - updated Monday 17th Jan 18

Lachlan Grimwade Male 202682 Laser Radial Open RPNYC/RNZYS
Scott Leith Male 208521 Laser Radial Open Murrays Bay Sailing Club
David Southwick Male 44282 Laser Radial Open NPCL
Olivia Christie Female 209279 Laser Radial Women Worser Bay Boating Club
Zelda Ladefoged Female n/a Laser Radial Women Kohimarama Yacht Club
Susannah Pyatt Female 212258 Laser Radial Women MBSC
Annabelle Rennie-Younger Female 211516 Laser Radial Women MBSC
Helen Spencer Female 171132 Laser Radial Women HYC/TYPBC
Jayden Abbott Male 205920 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Caleb Armit Male n/a Laser Radial Youth Murrays Bay Sailing Club
Josh Armit Male 209259 Laser Radial Youth Murrays Bay Sailing Club
Harrison Baker Male 199215 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Isabella Boyd Female 208341 Laser Radial Youth MBSC
Luke Cashmore Male 212257 Laser Radial Youth Wakatere Boating Club
harry corston Male n/a Laser Radial Youth cbyc
TeAkauou Framhein Male n/a Laser Radial Youth Rarotonga Sailing Club
Jack Frewin Male 210820 Laser Radial Youth Howick Sailing Club
Henry Goodall Male 196410 Laser Radial Youth Napier Sailing Club
Blake Grindley-Jones Male 211518 Laser Radial Youth
Waimakariri Sailing and Power Boat Club WSPBC
Ryan Harden Male 211559 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Sally Hill Female n/a Laser Radial Youth npcl
Jasper Hopkins Male 207850 Laser Radial Youth QCYC
Helene Johnson Female n/a Laser Radial Youth Rarotonga Sailing Club
Jack Lee Rush Male 210821 Laser Radial Youth Wakatere Boating Club
Charlie Loughran Male 212266 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Max McLachlan Male N/a Laser Radial Youth NPCL
James Sheldon Male 150057 Laser Radial Youth BOIYC
Albert Stanley Male 209281 Laser Radial Youth Worser Bay Boating Club
Lachlan Stewart Male 191021 Laser Radial Youth Wakatere
Samantha Stock Female 210825 Laser Radial Youth Murrays Bay SC
JACK TRIPE Male 212265 Laser Radial Youth Worser Bay Boating Club
Elly Warren Female 195540 Laser Radial Youth Tauranga yacht and power boat club
charles corston Male n/a Laser Standard Open cbyc
Sean Dickey Male 188804 Laser Standard Open Wanaka
George Gautrey Male 216419 Laser Standard Open Worser Bay Boating Club
Alastair Gifford Male 212252 Laser Standard Open Queen Charlotte Yacht Club
Matthew Kempkers Male 208519 Laser Standard Open RNZYS
Rohan Lord Male N/A Laser Standard Open Pupuke boating club
Andrew McKenzie Male 210817 Laser Standard Open RAYC
Tim Pitcaithly Male 181965 Laser Standard Open Naval point Club
Samuel Rushton Male 202688 Laser Standard Open Torbay Sailing Club
Hamish Atkinson Male 201518 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Naval Point Lyttelton
Murray Bain Male 199057 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Torbay
peter Bush Male 196408 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) queen charlotte yacht club
Brian Harvey Male 205317 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Naval Pointb
Bruce Jones Male 206418 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Worser Bay Boating Club
Scott McDougall Male 181997 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) HYC
Neil Morris Male 190328 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Macandrew Bay Boating Club
Erin Shull Female 136741 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Wanaka
Rick Spencer Male 193138 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) HYC/TYPBC
kevin welsh Male 206029 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) panmure lagoon sailing club
Roger Winton Male 202689 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Onerahi Yacht Club
Gus Fry Male 210505 Master Radial Great Grand Master (65+) Muritai
Morris Hall Male 110732 Master Radial Great Grand Master (65+) Vauxhall Yacht Club
Richard Ineson Male 150010 Master Radial Great Grand Master (65+) Christchurch Yacht Club
Jenny Armstrong Female n/a Master Radial Master (45-54) Ravensbourne Boating Club
Dragos Blaga Male 186660 Master Radial Master (45-54) Vauxhall Yacht Club
greg corston Male n/a Master Radial Master (45-54) cbyc
Robert English Male 174322 Master Radial Master (45-54) Vauxhall Yacht Club & PCYC
Mike Knowsley Male 202918 Master Radial Master (45-54) Tamaki
Edmund Tam Male 202441 Master Radial Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club
Ken Atchison Male 192705 Master Standard Apprentice (35-44) Hamilton Yacht Club
Ian Baker Male 196417 Master Standard Apprentice (35-44) Torbay Sailing Club
Kent Copplestone Male 193059 Master Standard Apprentice (35-44) Rotorua
Rob Burn Male 187886 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Queen Charlotte Yacht Club
Nick Page Male 211519 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Pupuke Boating Club
Chris Sadler Male 210161 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Tamaki
Peter Sutherland Male 206740 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Wanaka
Paul Thomas Male 198105 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Worser Bay Boating Club
Cris Brodie Male 174323 Master Standard Master (45-54) PBC
Don Christie Male 161266 Master Standard Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club
Andrew Dellabarca Male 210488 Master Standard Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club
Tony Nicholson Male 195549 Master Standard Master (45-54) Pupuke
Chris Shannon Male 171098 Master Standard Master (45-54) Naval Point Club Lyttelton
sean thomson Male 190325 Master Standard Master (45-54) cyc
Rob Woodward Male 208529 Master Standard Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club

Laser Class Rule Changes from 1st January 2018

This advice from the ILCA.

The following class rule changes will be effective from 1st January 2018.

1) Electronic Compasses
Rule 22 was changed to allow the use of certain electronic digital compasses that are not GPS Enabled. ILCA will maintain a list of approved compasses on the ILCA website as an interpretation to the Class Rules. This rule change was approved with 81% "Yes" votes.
2) On-board Cameras
A new Rule 28 was added to allow the use of cameras while racing. This change was approved with 84% "Yes" votes.
3) Shock cord inhaul attachment
Rule 3(v)vi was amended to read "A shock cord may be used as an inhaul on the clew." This change removes the restriction on where the shock cord can be attached in the inhaul system. This change was approved with 89% "Yes" votes.
4) Cleat in Hiking Strap Control Line
Rule 17(c) was changed to allow the use of one cleat and one turning point in the hiking strap support line. The cleat and turning point must be "free floating" and may not be attached to the hull or the hiking strap. This rule was approved with 81% "Yes" votes.
For additional details about the rule changes, please see the announcement on the ILCA Website.

New Class Rule Interpretations
ILCA has approved several new rule interpretations that are effective immediately. ILCA Rule Interpretations are put in place to clarify existing Class Rules. Many of these interpretations are subsequently proposed as changes to the ILCA Class Rules. 
1) Approved Compasses List
In support of the rule change allowing electronic compasses, ILCA will maintain an online list of approved compasses that meet the requirements of amended Rule 22 Compass, Electronic Equipment and Timing Devices in the interpretations section of the ILCA Class Rules. 
2) Control Line Eye Splice
Rule 3(b)ii is interpreted such that the for a control line with a cover and a core, the cover may be removed near the load bearing attachment point for the purpose of making an eye splice.
3) Sail Buttons
The Laser Construction Manual requires that class legal sails must have attached near the tack an ILCA supplied sail button. The Fundamental Rule is interpreted to require that Standard MkII sails must have an orange sail button while Radial, 4.7 and older Standard MkI (cross-cut) sails must have a red sail button. This applies only to sails manufactured after 1 January 2001.

Upcoming Rule Change Proposals
The Technical and Measurement Committee suggested several new rule changes that were approved by the ILCA World Council to go before class members for a vote in 2018. The ILCA office will send out a special announcement in early 2018 with information and voting instructions.
New ILCA Chief Measurer Appointed 
At the November 2017 ILCA World Council Meeting, Aileen Loo or Singapore was appointed as the ILCA Chief Measurer, to serve until after the 2020 Olypmic Games. Please see our story on the ILCA website for details

Best regards,
The ILCA Team
International Laser Class Association 

2017 North Island Laser Champs

25 Radial and 14 Standards enjoyed 2 days of great racing in Napier at the 2017 North Island champs, with 4 solid races on Saturday and 3 on Sunday leaving most sailors tired but happy with the weekend. There were sailors from throughout the NI, with a particularly strong team from Worser Bay there to challenge the rest. On both days we had light sea breezes, varying from about 6 to 12 knots, with choppy seas and overcast skies. The cloud limited the strength of the breeze particularly on Sunday and meant that it was patchier and shiftier than normal. This however made for great racing, with no lead ever completely safe and many place changes throughout the racing.
The sailor who really mastered the conditions was defending NI Radial champion and reigning U17 World Radial Champ Josh Armit. He dominated most of the Radial races, only blinking once to let U17 rival Luke Cashmore claim the bullet in race 6. Luke was a strong 2nd overall, putting together a very consistent series. 3rd and 4th, locked together as has been the case in several regattas recently, were Youth girls Olivia Christie and Annabelle Rennie-Younger. They finished equal on points, with Olivia coming out on top this time by virtue of the tie-break. Third Youth boy was Albert Stanley, from the strong Worser Bay team and 3rd Youth girl Samantha Stock from Pt Chev.
Ed Tam (M) was the leading master in the Radials in 6th overall, followed by Georgi Yankov (M) in 11th and Bruce Jones (GM) in 14th. 
In the Standards no one was able to dominate. Going into the last race there were 4 sailors still with a theoretical chance of winning the series. In the end, defending champion Andrew Dellabarca (M) showed his class, winning the final race to take the contest by two points from now Rotorua based Apprentice Kent Copplestone. Third two points further back was Cris Brodie (M) with first GM Nick Page a further point back in 4th. It was great to see the fleet bolstered by a mixture of old faces returning to the fleet and some new faces as well.  Mark Tillet from Manly was getting in some early practice for the 2019 Nationals, which will be held at his home club, and newcomers Kirk Vosper and Michael Coutts both reckoned that they enjoyed the challenge. 
The strong fleets this weekend at both Napier and at the South Island Champs held the same weekend at Naval Point indicate that we should have a good fleet for the Nationals so if you have not made a commitment yet get organised, get entered and we look forward to seeing you in Christchurch in January.
- Nick Page

Sheffield 2017 South Island Laser Champs

The Sheffield South Island Laser Championships were held at NPCL on the 25/26 November.

Entries were from as far afield as Dunedin, Picton and Nelson. There were 22 Radials and 7 Full Rigs competing. Race 1 on Saturday started in a light SW and had to be abandoned as the wind died away and the good old NE arrived. This meant a beat up the harbour to a different race course area. Racing got away again about 12-30 in a building Easterly and 3 races were completed in 14-21 knots.

Alistair Gifford, fresh from his 2nd place in the youth trials, dominated the Full Rigs with local hopefuls Tim Pitcaithly 2nd and Master Chris Shannon 3rd in each race.

In the Radials, previous winner Peter Graham from Dunedin had a 1,2,1 and female Master Jenny Armstrong (previous Olympic Gold 470 medallist) also from Dunedin was in a tied position with local Hamish Atkinson with 2,3,4 scorecards. Charles Corston won race 2 convincingly and then in race 3 dislocated his shoulder again so, unfortunately, had to painfully retire from the series.

On Sunday, we sailed a little further up the harbour with another 3 races in champagne 14-20 knot Lyttelton Easterly conditions.

For the Full Rigs, it was much of the same with Alistair getting 3 deserving bullets, followed by Tim with 3 seconds and Sean Thomson 3 thirds.

In the Radials, Peter also had 3 bullets, and Jenny and Hamish continued their 2,3,4 placings. Simon Wilson had blistering pace for a 2nd in Race 4 and 3rd in Race 5. Simon finished 4th overall and had some good capsize practice and may consider bringing his snorkel and mask up for the Nationals!

Full Rig prizes went to Alistair for 1st Youth, Tim for 1st Open and Sean for 1st Master. Radial prizes went to Peter for 1st Open, Jenny for 1st Female and 1st Master and Harry Corston for 1st Youth, and unofficially Greg Corston for the most UFD’s.

Thanks very much to Ross May the Race Officer, Phil Foulter race management, and the race boat helpers. Looking forward to some more of the same hopefully in January at the Sheffield Nationals.

See you all there!
- Hamish Atkinson

2017 North Harbour Masters

2017 North Harbour Laser Masters Results

A fine but chilly day with a gusty 8 to 12 knot southerly greeted the Masters for the 20th running of the North Harbour Masters at Lake Pupuke.


PRO Garth Briden was able to set a windward leeward course with just a very short offset reach at the top and the start finish line off the carpark. The course remained unchanged for the days 5 races. While this may imply that the breeze remained steady this was far from the case, with many large shifts and pressure lines offering plenty of opportunities up and down wind to those able to figure it out and leading to some dramatic place changes in many races.


Consistency, as is so often the case, was the key and those able to limit their day to at most a single discarded disaster were in the end at the top of the pile.  Local knowledge seemed to help some, although Phil Wild (A) from Manly was an exception to this, winning the Radials overall after overcoming Pete Thomas (GM) who had led after 3 races at the lunch break. Pete ended up third with Georgi Yankov (M) snatching second on a tie break. Both ended with identical scores, placings and discard with the tie only being broken on who beat who in the last race. Hamilton visitors Werner Hennig (GM) and Scott McDougall (GM) rounded out the top 5.


In the Standards Tony Nicholson (M) sailed super well all day, recovering from a couple of tricky mid race positions to count 2 bullets a 2nd and a 4th to win overall from Masters Rohan Lord in second and Dean Drummond third. The chasing pack of GM's was eventually led by John Showell, who took 4th overall after creating a mission for himself by getting an OCS in race 1. Gary Lock was 5th, convincingly winning race 4 after finding the shift of the day on the right hand side of the beat. GM Chris Brodie was 6th and Club stalwart (and secretary) Dave Lowe raised himself above the chasing pack with a well executed win in the last race, which he will no doubt use as justification  to delay getting a new boat for at least another 25 years!


The prize giving under the control of Commodore John Dowsett was as usual a highlight of the day. The next major regatta for many in the fleet will be the North Islands in Napier, which is sure to offer different conditions and a whole new set of challenges.


Nick Page

Successful Women Laser Coaching Session

Five lucky ladies from Point Chevalier, Maraetai and Panmure took the opportunity last Saturday to be coached by Sam Meech, who just hopped off the plane from his World Cup regatta win in Gamagori, Japan. Like dried out sponges, we soaked up his advice and wisdom on rigging, sail trimming for the different points of sail. He provided personal tips for all of us to improve our sailing techniques which we are all now looking forward to employing on the race course.

The coaching session was hosted at Maraetai Sailing Club, who welcomed us with open arms. Following a good work-out on the water,  Sean, the Commodore and Sue Whitiskie provided us all with some muffins and a hot cup of tea.  
We have to thank Sam Meech for his patience and invaluable tips to sail fast, the Laser Association for sponsoring the training session and Maraetai Yachting Club for supporting the promotion of Women Laser sailing.
- Chantal Grass


NZLA Selection Policies for the World and European Laser Championships


NZLA Ranking Policy for 2019 World and European Champs
Published 15 September 2018
Covers all World and European Laser Championships, except for the World Masters Championships.

NZLA Ranking Policy for 2019 World Masters Champs
Published 15 September 2018

NZLA Ranking Policy for 2020 World Masters Champs
Published April 2019

NZLA Ranking Policy for 2020 World and European Champs
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