About the New Zealand Laser Association

The New Zealand Laser Association promotes Laser racing in New Zealand.

We work to support the elite sailors on the international stage and grass roots Laser sailing throughout New Zealand. This is reflected in the annual New Zealand National Championships - a unique event where we have sailors as young as 13 in 4.7's and sailors in their 70's and 80's in the older masters age groups - all rubbing shoulders with our top international representatives.

Each year the NZLA

  • Organises the NZ Laser National Championships
  • Financially assists our elite Laser sailors to attend international regattas
  • Sends those elite Laser sailors to coach at events for young and old around New Zealand
  • Acts as a District Association to represents us in the wider community of sailors in the International Laser Class Association 

International Laser Class Association (ICLA) class rules require you be a member of a District Association (the NZLA in this case) to race a Laser in any Laser event, such as the NZ Laser National Champs. Part of your subscription is paid to the ILCA and to Yachting New Zealand on your behalf.

To join the New Zealand Laser Association follow the Join Us or Contact Us links.