Wanted - NZ Laser Association Secretary

After 7 years our NZLA secretary Karen Grimwade is moving on. Very many thanks to Karen who has done such a wonderful job and put up with us all for so long.
But now we are looking for a new NZLA secretary. 
This is a part time position covering all the usual administration of the class in NZ and carries an honorarium, currently $4000 pa. The secretary is fully supported by the NZLA committee, who are always available to assist in sorting out any problems that arise.
The general scope of the position is as follows;
  • Agendas and minutes for AGM, and two or three committee meetings a year.
  • Registration of members over the year;  administer our database of contact details and payments, and as membership registrations come in, send out membership pack (sticker, handbook & welcome letter).  NZLA has approximately 150 active members.
  • Pay the bills and keep an eye on the bank account.
  • Interact with the ILCA; payment of annual membership, ranking of Worlds Sailors and order cubes.
  • Administer Nationals entries in the lead up to Nationals each January.
  • Attend Nationals; manage the registration of entries and other Nationals related administration.
  • Send out ‘newsletter’ style emails to members from time to time over the year
The amount of work required each week varies with the time of year, with the period leading up to the Nationals being the busiest, but there will be many weeks where no work is required other than general monitoring of e mails etc. Management of the class website and facebook page is done by other committee members.
If you may be interested and available please contact the NZLA chairman, Nick Page (pages4@xtra.co.nz), and have a chat and raise any questions you may have.