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2021 Freshwater Champs - Lake Pupuke BC

Annabelle Rennie Younger - 1st Radial overall and women 2021 NSFW Laser Champs
Beautiful autumn weather, the usual challenging lake breezes and an excellent fleet in both the Radials and Standards resulted in a great 7 race series over the weekend. Saturday's 5 to 10 knot SW breeze was very shifty and gusty, only to be replaced with a similar strength, if slightly more predictable, NE breeze on Sunday.
The outstanding turnout of our womens Radial fleet was a feature of the weekend, highlighted by Annabel Rennie-Younger taking out the title by the narrowest single point margin from top Youth sailor Caleb Armit. Second womens sailor was leading youth Greta Pilkington in 4th overall while Sophia Morgan scored a couple of 3rd places  to end up 3rd woman and 7th overall. Phil Wild was the leading Masters in 3rd overall while Matthew Rist (Y) was 5th overall after what was, for him, a rather inconsistent weekend, winning 2 races on Saturday but struggling to find form in Sundays NE breeze. Second Master was Mike Pascoe, who has recently returned to the class, with a second in one race showing (otherwise well) hidden potential.
In the Standards it was a regatta of two halves. Luke Deegan was only able to sail Saturday and put on an awesome display, with 4 convincing wins. However tracking him all the way on Saturday and then stepping up on Sunday was Harrison Baker (O), who took out the Standard title in convincing fashion. He was followed by a group of 4 leading masters, all of whom managed to be consistently at the front of a very close and competitive masters fleet. In the end it was was expat GM Gavin Dagley, who was over from Melbourne for family reasons and took the weekend off to give the rest of us a sailing lesson, who just secured second overall. He was followed by Masters Giles Grigg and Tony Nicholson while 5th overall and second GM was Cris Brodie.
The usual great range of prizes finished off an awesome weekend for the last major regatta for the season. With overseas travel still severely curtailed we hope to see all the sailors back at Pupuke regularly over the winter, keeping their hands in for a full set of regattas next season.

Harrison Baker leads Tony Nicholson

Gavin Dagley and Cris Brodie

Annabelle Rennie-Younger

Greta Pilkington

Harrison Baker

Gavin Dagley

Volunteers - Dave, Garth, John, Neil and Wayne (photo kindly supplied by the NZ Police)


2021 Wellington ILCA / Laser Champs

The Wellington ILCA / Laser Champs were run as part of the Wellington Centreboard Champs, a total of 114 boats making the most of the fantastic Worser Bay 'stadium racing' venue and typical Wellington winds. 
Saturday 27th
Breezy NNW 15 ~ 20 knots with 25 knot gusts.
15 Lasers (9 x Standards & 6 x Radials) lined up to start as one fleet.
For the Standards, Albert Stanley (Open) aced Day One with four bullets, followed by Matt St Armand (Master, Worser Bay) and Simon Beck (Master, Muritai).
Staying up the right way on the downwinds was a challenge for some of us at the rear of the fleet with a few powerful gusts sweeping down the course.
In the Radials, Edmund Tam (Master) lead the way, also with a clean 1-1-1-1 record.
He was chased by Holly Curtis (Women) Chris McCarthy (Master) & Steve Harris (Master).
Sunday 28th
Day Two, 18 ~ 20 knot NNW with gusts up in the high 20's.
Some Lasers (and the entire Paper Tiger fleet) decided that Saturdays hard slog was enough and stayed away from Sundays racing.
But with Race Officer Shayne Priddle having sent us out for an extra race on the Saturday, it was good to know that we only had to survive two races on Sundays even breezier day to get a total of six races sailed for the championship.  
For both fleets the order remained much the same, Albert continued his winning Standard ways with two more wins, followed by Matt and then Niall Pearson (Muritai).  
In the Radials, Edmund 'gained' a UFD in Race 5 but bounced back with a another win in Race 6, Chris & Holly chasing behind. 
Overall results from the two days were: 
Standards - Albert, Matt then Simon.
Radials - Edmund, Chris then Holly.

Auckland ILCA/Laser Champs 2021

Following on from a windy Nationals at Worser Bay the Auckland Masters and Auckland Champs provided testing conditions at Tamaki over the weekend 27/28 March, with gusty E to NE winds up to 25 knots and a difficult seaway. 
Using a combined regatta format Masters and Open fleets both competed together on Saturday, with those keen enough continuing on Sunday to complete the Open Auckland champs, combining the results over the two days. A great turnout of almost 50 sailors, pretty much equally split between Radial and Standard, were on the water for the first race on Saturday, with a forecast of 15 to 20 knots promising great sailing. The forecast proved a little conservative and the fairly boisterous conditions took their toll, particularly among the masters fleets, many of whom called it a day after 2 or 3 races on Saturday, even though 4 races were completed.
At the conclusion of the one day Auckland Masters Championship on Saturday the Radials were won by Master Phil Wild, who had a strong and consistent day, mixing it with the top of the Youth and Womens fleet. The leading Radial GM's were both from Hamilton, with Werner Hennig just getting the better of Scott McDougall on the day. Bob Blakey celebrated his birthday to confirm his fully deserved Legend status, and he sailed pretty well too! In the Standards, reigning World Apprentice Masters champion Dave Ridley was victorious, followed by Wellington duo, Grand Master Andrew Dellabarca and Master Rob Woodward, who unsurprisingly found the conditions to their liking. Mike Keeton came out of retirement (again!) to be leading GGM.
Conditions on Sunday for the conclusion of the Open champs were similar, with the wind a bit more in the North but equally strong and again with a tricky seaway. In the Standards Luke Deegan and Luke Cashmore fought out the top spots all weekend, with Deegan eventually proving the more consistent in the conditions to take the Open title from Luke Cashmore. Samoan Olympic rep  Eroni Leilua was a solid third overall, followed by leading Grand Master Andrew Dellabarca then Master Rob Woodward. In the Open Radials there was a good battle all weekend at the top of the fleet with Youth Matthew Rist proving the one to beat and eventually taking the title from leading Women Olivia Christie and Master Phil Wild. Youths Nathan Vince and Dylan Forsyth mixed it up with the top 3 at times to finish 4th and 5th overall. Leading a great squad of Youth girls was Greta Pilkington in 7th overall, with Sophia Morgan not too far behind her.
So a testing but very well run and enjoyable weekend at Tamaki, with everyone I think enjoying being able to sail unaffected by the shadow of Covid lockdowns.

1 day Auckland Masters Laser Champs - decided by masters positions in these 4 Saturday races

2 day Auckland Open & Youth Laser Champs - decided across all 7 races on Saturday & Sunday

2020 North Island Laser Champs

Napier again welcomed a fleet of over 50 Laser for our North Island Champs as part of their Summer Regatta. It was great to see almost 20 clubs represented through the fleet, showing the continued strength and universality of the Laser class.
The weather forecast for the weekend promised a variety of conditions and that certainly proved to be the case, with the wind changeable on both Saturday and Sunday, boxing the compass and challenging the race committee. However between all the wind changes they did a great job and delivered good courses and challenging racing for both fleets, with mostly moderate to fresh shifty conditions in the predominantly offshore breezes.
There was close racing in both fleets. In the Radial Caleb Armit again came out on top, but not before a really close 3 way contest with Thomas Mulcahy and Olivia Christie. Phil Wild was 4th overall and leading master. In winning in the first race Phil was the only sailor other than the leading 3 to score a top 3 in any race. Ed Tam was 2nd Master and Werner Hennig 3rd ,but neither was able to match Phil’s consistency over the weekend. Emily Overend was the leading Youth Girl with Lucia Chagas led the Women’s masters.
In the Standards the 3 open sailors, Luke Cashmore, Luke Deegan and Eroni Leilua, enjoyed very close racing at the top of the fleet, with Luke Cashmore coming out victorious. Top master Andrew Dellabarca was able to mix it with the top 3 in several races and was the standout of the Masters fleet. The balance of the fleet struggled for consistency, with Rob Woodward and Kent Copplestone eventually coming through 5th and 6th overall and 2nd and 3rd masters.
Having lost a lot of sailing at the end of last season with Covid it was great to get together with such a mix of sailors from around the country again in Napier. With entries now open for January’s nationals we are all looking forward continuing close racing at Worser Bay in January.

2020 North Shore Freshwater Championship - Results

LASER event - RESULTS after 5 RACES - 4 to count

pos cl . div . sail 1 2 3 4 5   dis Σ name club
1 L  m O  5931 1 3 1 1 6   6 6 DEEGAN Luke PBC
2 L  m G  6527 2 1 5 5 1   5 9 LORD Rohan PBC
3 L  m O  1585 4 2 2 3 2   4 9 CASHMORE Luke WBC
4 L  m A  5052 3 4 4 2 5   5 13 RIDLEY Dave PBC
5 L  m M  1504 11 5 22 4 4   22 24 GRIGG Giles TYC
6 L  m O  0332 5 10 3 11 9   11 27 LEILUA Eroni TSC
7 L  m S  2250 15 6 dnc 7 3   20 31 KEETON Mike PBC
8 L  m Y  6175 9 7 8 14 8   14 32 BAKER Harrison TBC
9 L  m M  2705 6 13 9 18 7   18 35 ARCHISON Ken HYC
10 L  m G  3139 16 8 7 8 12   16 35 BRODIE Cris TSC
11 L  m G  5161 7 12 15 6 16   16 40 WOOLDRIDGE Neil PBC
12 L  m G  GLAD 13 9 10 12 18   18 44 GLADWELL Ian WBC
13 L  m M  3059 14 17 6 15 10   17 45 COPPLESTONE Kent TYPBC
14 L  m G  7862 12 11 12 13 14   14 48 LOWE David PBC
15 L  m S  6909 18 14 13 9 13   18 49 LOCK Garry PBC
16 L  m G  1519 10 16 16 16 11   16 53 PAGE Nick PBC
17 L  m M  2266 9 18 18 17 15   18 59 NICHOLSON Tony PBC
18 L  m G  0537 17 19 19 10 17   19 63 CAMILLERI John PBC
19 L  m Y  5083 19 15 17 dnc 19   20 70 RAINSFORD Angus MBSC
raf dnf ocs dsq dne = 20 20 19 19 20   dnc = 20
SCORING = 1 2 3 4 5 etc    ... z = ZFP . a = ARB . s = SPI . d = DPI

RADIAL event - RESULTS after 5 RACES - 4 to count

pos cl . div . sail 1 2 3 4 5   dis Σ name club
1 R  m Y  9259 1 1 1 3 1   3 4 ARMIT Caleb MBSC
2 R  m A  2441 2 4 11 2 2   11 10 WILD Phil MSC
3 R  m Y  0546 6 2 5 1 3   6 11 RIST Matthew MSC
4 R  m Y  2633 5 7 4 4 4   7 17 VINCE Nathan KYC
5 R  m G  1516 3 3 6 9 6   9 18 HENNIG Werner HYC
6 R  m Y  2253 13 6 3 dnc 5   19 27 FLOYD Zac KYC
7 R  w Y  6173 7 10 9 5 7   10 28 MARGAN Sophia KYC
8 R  m Y  6172 4 5 2 dnc dnc   19 30 MULCAHY Tom MBSC
9 R  m G  9280 9 9 7 6 13   13 31 THOMAS Pete TYPBC
10 R  w Y  091 8 8 13 7 9   13 32 BOYD Isabella RNZYS
11 S  m    1 18 1 dnc 1 16   19 36 WELLS Matt BOI
12 S  m    2122 17 2 dnc 2 17   19 38 HOURY Ted BOIYC
13 R  w Y  0505 10 16 10 14 8   16 42 HOURY Lilly-marie BOIYC
14 R  m S  2968 15 15 8 10 12   15 45 KNOTT Barry PBC
15 R  w Y  8341 11 11 12 12 15   15 46 WEBLEY Molly BOI
16 R  w G  2258 12 14 14 11 11   14 48 SPENCER Helen HYC
17 R  w M  8818 14 13 15 8 14   15 49 WOOLDRIDGE Georgina PBC
18 R  w O  7892 16 12 16 13 10   16 51 CHAGAS Lucia HYC
raf dnf ocs dsq dne = 19 19 17 17 18   dnc = 19
SCORING = 1 2 3 4 5 etc    ... z = ZFP . a = ARB . s = SPI . d = DPI

2020 South Island Laser Champs Results & Report

The 2020 South Island Laser Champs were held at the picturesque Pigeon Bay on the Banks Peninsula on the Saturday and Sunday over Labour Weekend. Hosted by Pigeon Bay Yacht Club and organized by Christchurch Yacht Club.

The best turnout for many years saw 36 lasers competing, 14 full rigs and 22 Radials. With so many lasers each fleet had their own start. It was good to see sailors coming from all over the South Island from Bluff and Te Anau in the south and Nelson and Picton in the north. Plus there was a good mix of ages Youth, Juniors and Masters.

3 races each day were planned and completed in a variety of conditions from warm light winds to shifty 30 knot gusts as the northerly wind swung more NW on the Sunday.

Racing Saturday started in light winds but after a break for lunch the following 2 races where sailed in fresher but changeable conditions. Racing in the first 2 races was very tight with some very crowded marks and frequent position changes. Following racing the Pigeon Bay Yacht club laid on a very good BBQ.

With the forecast for strong NW winds latter, Sunday’s races were all sailed back to back. The fresher conditions created some challenges and second half of the last race caught the NW, creating some adrenalin pumping downwind rides and challenging jibing.

The final outcome was a convincing win by Tim Pitcaithly (Nelson YC) in the Full Rig Fleet only dropping 1 place over the 6 races. The other top positions were taken by Mike Terry and Daryl Parkes who were again very consistent.

In the Radials things were a lot tighter with only 4 point separating the top 4 spots and wins going to 4 different sailors. At the end of the first day it was still a very tight at the top and with more wind forecast for Sunday it was still an incredibly open competition. As it was it all went down to the last race. With Jack Bennett (Queen Charlotte YC) taking the win over last years champion Peter Graham and Josh Edmonds just edging out Jenny Armstrong for third.

2020 Mitre 10 NZ Laser Nationals - Results & Reports



Reports from Nick Page

Final Day 4 - Tricky to the End

Well we certainly could not complain about lack of variety on the final day of the 2020 Mitre 10 Mega NZ Laser Nationals. In 4 hours we had everything from 20+ knot gusty easterlies through to an abandoned race due to a complete lack of wind, with some racing in between! Racing was scheduled to start an hour earlier today at midday, and the fleet sailed out in a pretty strong, gusty, shifty, easterly blowing off the nearby shore with a nasty steep wind against tide chop, although the forecast would have had us believe that it should have been a light southerly. The Standards battened down the hatches and strapped on the cunninghams and started in full pressure, which held for their first circuit. On the second beat the pressure started to easy and by the bottom of the run had disappeared almost completely. Much to the relief of the leaders PRO Jamie Sutherland made the call to finish the Standards at the bottom gate before it became a lottery. The Open and Masters Radials following after the standards encountered the change in conditions earlier in their races, with the Masters being finished at the top of their second beat. We then waited an hour or so before a weak SW sea breeze came in. The Standards started but sailed into a massive hole, causing their race to be abandoned and with the 3pm deadline on the last day that was it for them. The breeze did sort itself out a little and time allowed the  Radials and Radial Masters to complete their 8 race series with races in a very light and tricky seas breeze to complete a really successful contest, if not one in the "normal" New Plymouth conditions.

In the Standards the stronger winds caused a bit of a shake up in the fleet and many "what might have been" comments through the fleet in the after race musings but it was Luke Cashmore (U21), who managed a solid 5th in the final race, although this ended up as his discard, who in the end came out the convincing victor after a really impressively series in the difficult conditions. Second overall was U21 Harrison Baker, who also had a discard in his final race result but had done enough to hold off Apprentice Masters World Champ Dave Ridley, who won the final race for a well deserved podium finish. Visitors Yvan Beaufils and Jin Hwan Lee rounded out the top 5. Andrew Dellabarca was the top Master and Rohan Lord the top GM after 2nd in the breeze. John Pitman, who was leading the entire fleet prior to the final race being abandoned, not only did a fantastic job as contest organiser but also cleaned up the GGM prize.

In the Radials Courtney Reynolds-Smith (Open Women) completed a dream run by taking the title barely a year after moving into the Laser Radial after successful stints in the 420 and 470. She was the model of consistency in a strong fleet and held her nerve for the final day in spite of the range and difficulty of the conditions to top the table from multi World Masters Champion Scott Leith. Third and top Youth was Thomas Mulcahy, who got the better of Caleb Armit for the Youth title in spite of Caleb winning the first race yesterday. Sara Winther was happy with her 4th overall after only deciding at the last minute to enter but was swearing to be back all guns firing next year to give Courtney a run for her money. Top Youth Girl was Emily Overend from Queen Charlotte although in the end Josefine Siemann (YG) closed the gap with a bullet in the last race, although the sometimes 4.7 sailor had found the windy condition of race 7 a challenge.

In the Master Radial Phil Wild (AM) continued his impressive domination to take out race 7 and did not need to sail race 8. Neither Ed Tam (M) nor Roger Winton (GM), second and third going into the final day, had a great day but both did enough to hold onto their overall spots and to take home the cubes for their respective age groups. The honour of winning the last race went to Charlie Grey (GM) who cleaned up in the the light to end up 6th overall behind Hamilton duo Werner Hennig and Scott McDougall.

So its all over for another year and a huge thanks to NPYC for hosting us and delivering a great contest, blue skies and enough variety to keep everyone on their toes until the end. New champions have been crowned in almost every division, showing a pleasing depth to the fleet. Many of the Masters are heading for the World in Geelong in March so this will have provided them with a good warm up. So congratulations to Luke, Courtney and Phil for their fleet victories and to thanks to everyone involved in organising, running and competing and of course to our main sponsor Mitre 10 Mega.

Standard Fleet Mitre 10 Mega NZ Laser Nationals

Day 3 - Light and Tricky

Two more races were completed in a tricky breeze today to keep the contest bang on schedule. The sea breeze took a long time to get established today, with the breeze initially coming in from the NW before finally shifting to the SW later in the afternoon. It barely made 8 knots during the racing and was very patchy, only getting some oomph for the sail in after racing. The water was pretty flat all day, with a small chop and very little swell. Results generally followed the pattern of the last 2 days, unsurprising given the similar conditions, with the leaders in all fleets continuing their consistent form.

In the Standards Luke Cashmore and Harrison Baker shared the honours today with a 1st and 2nd each, putting Luke in a strong position overall with a 9 point lead, a 2nd as his current discard and only 2 races to go. Harrison lies is second. 5 points back French visitor Ivan Beaufils is third, tied on points with Albert Stanley fourth. Dave Ridley (AM) got among the young guns again in race 6 with a 4th place and is in sixth place overall to lead the masters from past champion Andrew Dellabarca (M). After his stellar race win in the breeze yesterday Rohan Lord held onto the top Grand Master spot but had a forgettable day with a UFD in race 5, along with a few friends, followed by an unfortunate downwind swim in race 6 when he got excited in an 8 knot puff. John Pitman again had a solid day to lead the GGM division, although going to the wrong top mark in race 6 hardly helped his cause.

In the Radials Courtney Reynolds-Smith continued her super impressive form with a 2nd and 3rd to consolidate her overall lead. Scott Leith scored a bullet in race 6 to keep the pressure on Courtney while Thomas Mulcahy (Y) was again pretty consistent to hold onto the leading Youth spot and 3rd overall. Sara Winther scored the other race win today and is 4th overall with Caleb Armit (Y) 5th after struggling to find his best form in todays tricky conditions. Other notable performances today were Matthew Rist with two top 5 placings to be the second best Radial sailor on the day and and Josephine Siemann, who's 2nd in race 5 keeps the pressure on Queen Charlottes Emily Overend for the top Youth Girls slot.

In the Masters Radial Phil Wild (AM) continued to steamroller the fleet with another two bullets to leave the opposition little chance of overhauling him on the last day. Behind Phil defending champ Ed Tam (M)  and semi professional GM Roger Winton, fresh from competing in the Aussie Nationals, again slugged it out with Ed continuing to hold second spot overall ahead of Roger. The whole Radial Masters fleet were given a lesson by the GGM's in race 6, with Garth Cheyne and octogenarian Sandy Grigg leading for much of the race, with Garth pipped at the post by Phil but holding on to second to catapult him up the leader board. Showing true GGM form Sandy had however forgotten to sign on so copped the penalty for that to give his younger opponents a sporting chance!

So with the final day tomorrow again forecast to again have fairly light breezes it is sure to again tax the race management team and provide challenges for all.  The leaders will be looking to hold their nerve and lock in a keeper to take the titles home and we will all be looking at another interesting day on the water to wrap up the 2020 Mitre 10 Mega NZ Laser Nationals. 

Radial Fleet Mitre 10 Mega NZ Laser Nationals

Day 2 - A bit more breeze

Another blue sky day with a sea breeze again provided great racing for all fleets on day 2 of the Mitre 10 NZ Laser Nationals in New Plymouth. The sea breeze came in earlier and built more that yesterday, so while it was only around a 8 knots for race 3 it freshened to a great hiking breeze for race 4 and nice lumpy seas which provided good downwind surfing conditions for those skilled enough to take advantage, although a few also managed a quick dip after misjudging the waves.  The course was positioned a bit further to the East today and the tide did not cause the same problems for the starts so racing progressed on schedule all day. Results in the first race pretty much followed yesterdays form but the extra breeze for race 4 saw some new faces at or near the front of some fleets and a bit of a shake up of placing throughout.

In the Standards Luke Cashmore was a model of consistency with a 1st and 2nd today to open up a healthy 12 point gap on the field at the half way point of the contest. Harrison Baker and two of our overseas visitors, Korean Jin Lee and French student Yves Beaufils, who is in New Zealand for the year to study, all had consistent days to lie second, third and fourth overall. In the fresher conditions in the second race Pupuke Grand Master Rohan Lord had a blinder, leading pretty much from start to finish to tighten up the top of the masters fleet leaderboard. He is 7 points adrift of World Apprentice Masters champion Dave Ridley and tied with Master Andrew Dellabarca so the race for masters title remains close.
It was generally a similar story in the Radials, with form in the days first race following pretty closely yesterdays results but overnight leader Caleb Armit suffered a DSQ after a protest, which has really opened up the contest. The top of the leader board was given a further shake up in the second race when World Masters Radial Champion Scott Leith found the conditions much more to his liking, winning from top women's sailor Sara Winther and Thomas Mulcahy (Y), who's two thirds today move him well up the leaderboard. So leading the contest at the half way point is Courtney Reynolds-Smith, who had another impressively strong day with a first and fourth. She is followed by Scott and Thomas who are tied points 4 behind Courtney. Emily Overend found the windier conditions in the second race tougher but still has a great lead in the Youth Womens division, although Josephine Siemann (YW) managed to just get the better of her in race 3.
In the Masters Radial Phil Wild (AM) continued his impressive domination of fleet with another two bullets. The battle behind him was close with both defending champ Master Ed Tam and GM Roger Winton adding 5 points for the day and lie second and third overall. Scott McDougall (GM) struggled to repeat his form of yesterday to slip to 4th overall. Jeff Booth continues to lead the GGM's, although Muritai club mate GGM Garth Cheyne kept him honest and clearly enjoyed the extra breeze in the second race in spite of sailing with a broken tiller extension.
So while New Plymouth gave us just a hint of its windy reputation today the forecast for the remaining two days continues to look settled, which will hopefully allow all races to be completed on schedule and everyone to further improve their suntans at the same time. The discard comes into play after tomorrows races so we can expect to see a bit of a shakeup in some of the standings, particularly in the Radial fleet.

Andrew Child enjoying the sea breeze in race 3

Day 1 - A benign start
New Plymouth was on its best behaviour today for the first day of the 2020 Mitre 10 NZ Laser Nationals. As forecast, beautiful blue skies greeted the sailors and the mornings fresh easterly died out as the fleet were on their way to the start line and after about 45 minutes a light 5-8 knot SW sea breeze established itself and stabilised enough for racing to get underway. The breeze held for the afternoon, with wind against tide creating a small chop and there was just enough of a ground swell to remind us that we are on the open ocean. With the tide under the fleet for the starts there were several general recalls and a few unfortunately fell foul of the dreaded black flag. However in the end 2 excellent races were completed for all fleets, although PRO Jamie Sutherland clearly decided that he would not let us off too easily and set an extra length challenge for the second race!
In the Standards the conditions clearly suited the younger sailors, with U21Luke Cashmere from Wakatere moving up from winning the Youth Radials last year to lead the fleet after a perfect 2 bullets, to establish a handy early advantage over Worser Bays Albert Stanley (U21). He is followed by Korean visitor Jin Hwan Lee, who is tied on points with Torbay's Harrison Baker (U21). First of the masters in the combined Standard fleet is World Apprentice Masters champion Dave Ridley (AM) from Pupuke in 6th. He is closely followed by GM Rohan Lord and past Masters champion Andrew Dellabarca (M). Master Greg Wilshire was the talk of the boat park as he managed to sail, and sail well, with a massive bruised posterior after an accident when loading the boat on the trailer in Auckland for the trip down!
In the Radial fleet Murrays Bay's Caleb Armit (Y) also showed real class in the conditions to dominate with two race wins. Second overall is leading womens contender Courtney Reynolds-Smith who was really consistent with a third and a forth to lead Lachlan Dillon from Tauranga, who is tied with this years Corston clan rep Harry, by 3 points. Leading the youth girls is Emily Overend from Queen Charlotte in 8th overall. She has to be super pleased with her day as she is just 2 points behind our top womens sailor from the last Olympic cycle, Sara Winther, who has come back into the fleet for this contest.
In the Radial Masters fleet Phil Wild (AM) from Manly completed the triple for the fleet leaders with two firsts but is closely followed by defending champion, Worser Bays Ed Tam (M) who has a one point lead over Hamilton's Scott McDougall (GM). Leading the Women's Masters is Lucia Chagas in 8th overall. Muritai's Jeff Booth is the leading GGM and it was inspirational to see 80 year old Sandy Grigg on the start line for yet another year.
Conditions for tomorrow are forecast to be similar to today's so it will be interesting to see if todays fleet leaders, all of whom were dominant in their respective fleets today, can continue their run of success tomorrow.

2019 South Island Laser Champs

On the 30th November and 1st December 2019, 13 Radials and about 5 4.7s arrived to a blustery NE.

A decision to race was delayed until 2pm. The wind hadn’t dropped much, and the decision was made to race. Sails were raised with difficulty and a number swopped to 4.7 rigs. At least the start line was very close to the launching site and the water was relatively flat. Spectators had a great view of the action as the wind blew mostly 20-30 knots with a few gusts in the low 30 knots.

We had 2 short races over an outer trapezoid course, some deciding to “granny gybe” thus avoiding a capsize swim. As far as I am aware Peter Graham and Hamish in the Radials and Morris Hall in the 4.7 made it around without a swim. Everyone was relieved to make it back to shore. Jenny Armstrong saying it was the windiest she had been out in her Laser!

Sunday brought nicer weather with a 10-15 knot NE. Jenny and Peter in the Radials sharing the 2 race wins each over 4 races. 

Thanks to Vauxhall yacht club for hosting the regatta. Well done to all.
Hamish Atkinson 201518 

Radial Results

4.7 Results

2019 Laser North Island Champs Results and Report

Standard, Radial and 4.7 Laser Results

We were back at the Napier Sailing Club's Summer Regatta for our 2019 North Island Laser Champs on 23rd & 24th November.

Napier SC always puts on a great event and this year it was the biggest, with over 200 boats across all the classes, from Opti's, Bic's through to the adult classes. Add some Hawkes Bay sun and warmth and it was a great start to the summer sailing.

The Lasers were on the outer Triangle/Windward/Leeward course along with Europes, OK's and Paper Tigers. Managing your position amongst the wider fleet was a big part of the weekend.

Saturday was a real challenge. The breeze was generally light to medium - but very unstable with short lived changes in wind direction and pressure. At times it was quite tricky keeping optimally trimmed and powered up in the small waves. Our RO Andrew had to reset the course before every race, and did well to get our 4 races in. The 3rd race was a bit dodgy for the Standards, crumping out a couple of times before a shortened finish. And the Radials had to abandon that start and were out fairly late getting their 4th race.

Sunday was lighter but actually more stable and we got our last 3 races in and back home fairly smoothly.

Most of us had our ups and downs, but as usual the best guys and girls were consistently at the front. They really earned their results.

Luke Cashmore won the Standards quite convincingly, ahead of the masters Dave Ridley and Andrew Delabarca.

Results were closer in the Radials. Youth sailor Caleb Armit had the measure of master sailor Phil Wild who finished just ahead of the first female Courtney Reynolds Smith. But all 3 sailors had wins.

Nathan Putt from Rotorua represented the 4.7s sailing within the other fleets.

Thanks again to the Napier SC for a well run and enjoyable regatta.

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