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Updated 10th June 2019

For the interest and encouragement of all interclub Laser sailors, NZLA has prepared a ladder of results of nationwide inter-club regattas over the last 12 months. It is for interest only and ranking for world events etc will continue to be carried out in accordance with the published ranking policies, not based on this ladder.

We have chosen to rank the ladder on the best 4 regattas for each sailor in their division for the year, with a weighting for our most important regattas; Nationals, NI’s and SI's. Some sailors appear more than once in the sheet if they have competed in different groups in different regattas (e.g. Masters Standard and Masters Radial). We intend to update the ladder progressively through the year as new results become available so that it is a rolling 12 month set of results.

We would really welcome feedback. We particularly would like to get the missing information (e.g. Masters sub-group, club etc) or a heads up if anything is wrong so please drop us an email so we can update and correct the published sheet. If you have results from other inter-club regattas that you would like included please email them to us and try to include all the info required for each sailor with the results. We are conscious that there is quite a heavy weighting of Auckland regattas at this stage but this can be addressed if someone can forward us other results such as the Canterbury champs etc. However please note that we have set it up for inter-club events, not single club events such as club champs.

Nick Page



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