Sheffield 2018 NZ National Laser Champs

The Sheffield 2018 NZ National Laser Champs - Naval Point

A great regatta with excellent sailing conditions, expertly run by Naval Point Club Lyttelton.

We were generously supported by Sheffield - sourcing, selecting and shaping leaders -

Photos - Sheffield 2018 NZ National Laser Champs

Andrew McKenzie

Susannah Pyatt

George Gautrey & Rohan Lord

Entries - Sheffield 2018 NZ National Champs

Entries so far - updated Monday 17th Jan 18

Lachlan Grimwade Male 202682 Laser Radial Open RPNYC/RNZYS
Scott Leith Male 208521 Laser Radial Open Murrays Bay Sailing Club
David Southwick Male 44282 Laser Radial Open NPCL
Olivia Christie Female 209279 Laser Radial Women Worser Bay Boating Club
Zelda Ladefoged Female n/a Laser Radial Women Kohimarama Yacht Club
Susannah Pyatt Female 212258 Laser Radial Women MBSC
Annabelle Rennie-Younger Female 211516 Laser Radial Women MBSC
Helen Spencer Female 171132 Laser Radial Women HYC/TYPBC
Jayden Abbott Male 205920 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Caleb Armit Male n/a Laser Radial Youth Murrays Bay Sailing Club
Josh Armit Male 209259 Laser Radial Youth Murrays Bay Sailing Club
Harrison Baker Male 199215 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Isabella Boyd Female 208341 Laser Radial Youth MBSC
Luke Cashmore Male 212257 Laser Radial Youth Wakatere Boating Club
harry corston Male n/a Laser Radial Youth cbyc
TeAkauou Framhein Male n/a Laser Radial Youth Rarotonga Sailing Club
Jack Frewin Male 210820 Laser Radial Youth Howick Sailing Club
Henry Goodall Male 196410 Laser Radial Youth Napier Sailing Club
Blake Grindley-Jones Male 211518 Laser Radial Youth
Waimakariri Sailing and Power Boat Club WSPBC
Ryan Harden Male 211559 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Sally Hill Female n/a Laser Radial Youth npcl
Jasper Hopkins Male 207850 Laser Radial Youth QCYC
Helene Johnson Female n/a Laser Radial Youth Rarotonga Sailing Club
Jack Lee Rush Male 210821 Laser Radial Youth Wakatere Boating Club
Charlie Loughran Male 212266 Laser Radial Youth Torbay Sailing Club
Max McLachlan Male N/a Laser Radial Youth NPCL
James Sheldon Male 150057 Laser Radial Youth BOIYC
Albert Stanley Male 209281 Laser Radial Youth Worser Bay Boating Club
Lachlan Stewart Male 191021 Laser Radial Youth Wakatere
Samantha Stock Female 210825 Laser Radial Youth Murrays Bay SC
JACK TRIPE Male 212265 Laser Radial Youth Worser Bay Boating Club
Elly Warren Female 195540 Laser Radial Youth Tauranga yacht and power boat club
charles corston Male n/a Laser Standard Open cbyc
Sean Dickey Male 188804 Laser Standard Open Wanaka
George Gautrey Male 216419 Laser Standard Open Worser Bay Boating Club
Alastair Gifford Male 212252 Laser Standard Open Queen Charlotte Yacht Club
Matthew Kempkers Male 208519 Laser Standard Open RNZYS
Rohan Lord Male N/A Laser Standard Open Pupuke boating club
Andrew McKenzie Male 210817 Laser Standard Open RAYC
Tim Pitcaithly Male 181965 Laser Standard Open Naval point Club
Samuel Rushton Male 202688 Laser Standard Open Torbay Sailing Club
Hamish Atkinson Male 201518 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Naval Point Lyttelton
Murray Bain Male 199057 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Torbay
peter Bush Male 196408 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) queen charlotte yacht club
Brian Harvey Male 205317 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Naval Pointb
Bruce Jones Male 206418 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Worser Bay Boating Club
Scott McDougall Male 181997 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) HYC
Neil Morris Male 190328 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Macandrew Bay Boating Club
Erin Shull Female 136741 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Wanaka
Rick Spencer Male 193138 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) HYC/TYPBC
kevin welsh Male 206029 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) panmure lagoon sailing club
Roger Winton Male 202689 Master Radial Grand Master (55-64) Onerahi Yacht Club
Gus Fry Male 210505 Master Radial Great Grand Master (65+) Muritai
Morris Hall Male 110732 Master Radial Great Grand Master (65+) Vauxhall Yacht Club
Richard Ineson Male 150010 Master Radial Great Grand Master (65+) Christchurch Yacht Club
Jenny Armstrong Female n/a Master Radial Master (45-54) Ravensbourne Boating Club
Dragos Blaga Male 186660 Master Radial Master (45-54) Vauxhall Yacht Club
greg corston Male n/a Master Radial Master (45-54) cbyc
Robert English Male 174322 Master Radial Master (45-54) Vauxhall Yacht Club & PCYC
Mike Knowsley Male 202918 Master Radial Master (45-54) Tamaki
Edmund Tam Male 202441 Master Radial Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club
Ken Atchison Male 192705 Master Standard Apprentice (35-44) Hamilton Yacht Club
Ian Baker Male 196417 Master Standard Apprentice (35-44) Torbay Sailing Club
Kent Copplestone Male 193059 Master Standard Apprentice (35-44) Rotorua
Rob Burn Male 187886 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Queen Charlotte Yacht Club
Nick Page Male 211519 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Pupuke Boating Club
Chris Sadler Male 210161 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Tamaki
Peter Sutherland Male 206740 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Wanaka
Paul Thomas Male 198105 Master Standard Grand Master (55-64) Worser Bay Boating Club
Cris Brodie Male 174323 Master Standard Master (45-54) PBC
Don Christie Male 161266 Master Standard Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club
Andrew Dellabarca Male 210488 Master Standard Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club
Tony Nicholson Male 195549 Master Standard Master (45-54) Pupuke
Chris Shannon Male 171098 Master Standard Master (45-54) Naval Point Club Lyttelton
sean thomson Male 190325 Master Standard Master (45-54) cyc
Rob Woodward Male 208529 Master Standard Master (45-54) Worser Bay Boating Club

Getting your boat Measured at the NZ Laser Nationals

Measuring is officially on Wednesday 17th Jan 2016 12pm till 5pm.
But we are likely to be measuring on Tuesday 16th afternoon - so keep your eye out and get measured early to avoid the rush.
Late measuring is available Thursday 18th from 8am to 10am before racing. But try to avoid this time as it will be a rush for you and me, as I want to go racing too.

Check the online 2017 ILCA Laser Handbook for answers on what is legal on your boat. It includes instructions for applying sail numbers.

Read more for all the details ...

  • Get measured before going to registration
  • To start you will be given a measuring form to fill in
  • Bring your sail with number correctly attached. We will unroll it to check everything.
  • Rig only the bottom section, boom and control lines. Do not rig the full mast and sail.
  • Get your foils, tiller and control lines out of the bag.
  • If anything needs fixing we note it on your form. You can jump the queue to have it rechecked for sign off
  • The registration people will need to see your signed off measuring form

It's usually not that bad. If you are sailing a normal unmodified Laser of any age we will get you through measuring.

We may check anything. But here are the most common things that need to be fixed to pass measuring.

No non-Laser Parts
We are very protective of the 'one design' aspect of the class. You will not be allowed to use any non-Laser parts such as sails, centre-board, rudder, vang assemblies etc. Even if you have been using them for club racing.

Sail Numbers
We are fussy about sail numbers because they help the race officials and safety boats identify you quickly.

  • You must use a unique sail number. Not used by anyone else in the regatta, even if they are in a different fleet. If you bought a second hand sail with numbers attached, make sure the person you bought it from is not using the same number on a new sail. If there are duplicates the sailor with a matching hull number has the right to use that number.
  • You must have a regulation sail number, regulation size, fixed in the regulation position and spacing on the sail.
  • Instructions come with the new sails, or see these online instructions for applying sail numbers.
  • Place the numbers accurately - position and spacing. If they are not right we ask you to do it again, which is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Most boats will have a 6 digit number, partial numbers are not permitted. Only very old boats will be allowed to use their original 4 or 5 digit number.
  • Your sail number does not need to match your hull number. But if they do not match, the sail number must not be an old style number for less than 6 digits. 
  • You do not need country letters at the Nationals. But if you have them they must be the regulation size and position on the sail.

Sail Numbers on your hull and trolley
Please have your sail number on both sides of your hull, near the stern. Numbers 40mm high or more.
Numbers in felt tip permanent marker are ok.
If you are temporarily using a number for this regatta and have old numbers on the hull, tape over them and write the new number on the tape.
Also put your sail number on your trolley to assist the volunteers who are helping you when you come in.

Bent and altered masts
The mast sections must be standard laser parts. The mast fittings must all be in the standard position.
Officially your mast sections must be straight. But we permit the 'normal' amount of bend these sections get with normal use. We will reject an excessively bent section - and that judgement is up to the measurer.

Rudder angle
We measure the angle between the rudder and the rudder stock as it really affects boat performance.
Many have the wrong angle, even new rudders. But it's easy to fix with a file or some electrical tape for packing.

Battens must be a standard laser part. They must not exceed the standard length. Even new ones do sometimes and we will get you to file them down to length. It's easy.

Mast retaining line
We insist on a mast retaining line. It's a safety thing. The best option is through the gooseneck to the control line deck fitting.

Buying parts at the regatta
The NZ Laser agents The Water Shed will be at the Nationals.
They are a helpful  and will have some parts and numbers for sale. But they can't guarantee to have enough of everything, so try to get everything sorted out before you arrive. Or ring them to pre-order. - Ph 09 489 6475 - 51 Barrys Pt Road Takapuna.

Advertising on your boat
See John Bullots advice on the advertising permitted on your Laser.

Questions about rules & measuring
First check online : 2017 ILCA Laser Handbook
Otherwise email me at:

Advertising Permitted on your Laser at the Nationals

John Bullot, one of our lead judges, points us to the regulations on advertising permitted on our Lasers at National and International competitions ...

The advertising that may be on a laser is controlled by the ISAF Regulation number 20, Advertising Code. 
This ISAF regulation can be found at
The laser class rules do not modify these ISAF regulations.  The same rules on advertising apply to any laser event be a national championship, a world championship or a club race.
You will note when reading this regulation that advertising is not very restrictive, however, there are some places (namely on a laser the from 25% of the sides of the hull) where no personal advertising is permitted and only the regatta organisers can place advertising.
Good Sailing
John Bullot
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